Monday, October 15, 2012

Back in black

Hello all! I officially checked out for a blog hiatus over a year ago due to a busy school schedule, work load, social life and life in general. However I am now officially a college graduate and like many of my fellow graduates I have returned to my childhood home, a part time job that has nothing to do with my major, and a somewhat fruitless job hunt. Aside from a two month stint writing for a local newspaper my writing opportunities have been limited. Circumstances being as they are, I realized a few weeks ago that I need a creative outlet. I need to throw myself into something that I love, this blog seemed to be the best answer. Some good has come out of my time off however. Over the past year I have been building up a portfolio of original recipes. So things will be changing around here. I'm operating under the same name but the rules have changed a bit. In the past this blog has been a mix of 75% other peoples recipes and 25% my own recipes. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands and another year of cooking under my belt I'm striving for mix of original and family recipes. Now that the new rules have been established here's what's been new with me. I spent my senior year of college living in a suite with old friends and new friends
I graduated with a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Journalism.
I spent a week in California with my aunt where I happily dined on Pink's hot dogs, Phillipe French dip, amazing Japanese food, and two Mario Batali meals. I was in food heaven.
After all of the excitement of summer I've settled myself into a comfortable routine of work, flooding the job market with my resume and crying over my B.A. ok maybe not the last one, but the rest is true. I'm happy to add blogging back to the list of things I'm doing. I can't wait to share what I have in store for you guys. Stay tuned for: pimento cheese, pie, trifle, sandwiches, and lots more.

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